Diet Malta was a (Facebook) group founded way back in 2015 by Demaris Agius. The idea is to have a forum where anyone can ask questions and suggest ideas on how one can maintain a healthy diet. The forum provides a platform whereby people can share information on various diets, ranging from the traditional diets to the short fast weight loss programs and other types of diets.
This group offers members the opportunity to discuss what works and what does not work, as well as to provide support. The information shared also helps members to understand what constitutes healthy food and to provide updates on recent findings and research. Simply put, this is a community of people that seek to help each other to lose weight, or gain weight. It is also a good platform from where one gets to know of businesses that offer such services and get genuine reviews. Members are free to share before-and-after photos, recipes, diet plans and experiences.
Direct advertising is not allowed due to the fact that this would take the forum into the direction of an advertising page, when the core function of the group is to serve as a forum. So please refrain from advertising. We highly recommend you join Diet Malta on Facebook and participate in our daily conversations.